Then he reads

Then he reads It is possible to make the offer of cards of one color.

Color cards can be replaced white with the color edging.

The description of work The child brings a box with cards on a table, takes out cards and displays them in the flowers.

Then he reads words on cards of one color and puts their one behind another that they made the offer.

Thus the word order, how many sense of the made offer is not so important.

The comment This exercise is offered to the child who is already able to read separate words that is at the following stage after intensive reading.

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Well, it is necessary, what

Well, it is necessary, what Allegedly such twolevel research had to show with an accuracy existence or lack of deviations at the child.

Well, it is necessary, what care of future mummies and kids!

The new test for detection of pathologies on earlier terms moreover all it is universal!

I shared the impressions of obligatory screening with the nurse taking from me blood from a vein.

But it did not support my delight: Yes the nonsense is full.

For certain someone in the ministry or department writes the thesis, here and entered an obligation to do screening.

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Therefore, for efficiency

Therefore, for efficiencyF.

of Pay, E.


of Pay, M.


Hvattsev, N.


Nikashina, G.


Kashe, etc.

Unfortunately, this major principle of logopedics is quite often ignored both in special literature, and in practice.

Therefore, for efficiency of correctional work difficult sounds should be entered into the learned texts gradually, in process of their specification.

The term calling of a sound, on our representation, is more preferable, than statement of a sound, especially in cases of correction of a pronunciation on imitation.

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After the teacher

After the teacher Occupation course.

After the teacher spread out three pictures before the child, he finds out that one picture appeared in a tube.

The teacher asks the child to get the picture.

For this purpose the child has to guess to use a long stick with a hook.

If necessary the teacher will organize performance of a task by method of tests.

The teacher asks the child, what stick it got the picture and why.

After that gives a task: Guess, what picture was hidden?

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The author

The author Thus at children the speech improves, manifestations of the general underdevelopment of the speech disappear.

The grant is addressed to logopedists, tutors of logopedic groups and parents of children with speech violations.

The author and publishing house thank a masterskuyustudiya SYNERGY sinergiastudio@mail.

ru and personally Yury Petrovich Borovsky and Dmitry Ivanovich Petrovsky for help given in the edition of this book.

Subject: WILD ANIMALS To consider together with the child of the picture.

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